Monday, March 23, 2015

I Have Not Been Selected!

But thanks anyway to everyone who nominated my book in the Kindle Scout program. I still think it's a cool program, but I guess I'm just destined to do a little more legwork.

I should be able to get Charms and Witches self-published in the Kindle store and in hardcopy form on Amazon in a week or two. It basically had to be ready to go for ebook publication in order to be submitted to Kindle Scout, so I just have to format the paperback version.

Since I didn't get selected for Scout publication, I have no way to identify people who nominated me and send them a free copy the way Scout automatically would have. But if you watch this space or follow me on Twitter (@HerbMallette), I'll announce when the book will be on free promotional giveaway status.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me! I appreciate all the support!

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