Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I think I'm going to resolve to be less cynical this year.


  1. and how are you going to figure that? is there a mathematical model, and you've catalogued and added up all instances of cynicism to compare to 2012?

    so have you decided that being cynical is a negative thing, and that is why you want to lessen it? i posit that it can be healthy so this resolution could lead to your destruction...

  2. I do think that cynicism is a negative thing, because it has the surface appearance of being smart while in reality being a mere assumption. Skepticism is the tendency to examine everything for evidence of truthfulness and validity. Cynicism sometimes looks like skepticism, but a skeptic can be convinced that things are worthwhile, whereas a cynic will continue to insist that they are not, even when presented with proof. The primary value of cynicism is in humor, where it can be used as a tool to promote skepticism.