Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Need of Sleep and Dreams

I've been sleeping a bit poorly of late, waking up several times a night and then not always able to fall back asleep at once. What's made this even worse than it sounds is the fact that I haven't been remembering very many dreams out of it.

Usually, if something disturbs my sleep, it does so mid-dream, and I wake up still holding wisps of dream-stuff and dream-story in my head. Whether they're good dreams or bad, that experience is always interesting to me. Once in a while, I'll pop awake with an original tune in my head, a melody that my brain composed while unconscious. That's extremely cool when it happens, although it always makes me wish I had a better memory for melodies, so that I could actually recall the notes later and do something with it. (I did once manage to keep a tune long enough to write a song out of it, though I've never gotten around to arranging more than the vocal part.)

At any rate, dreams are fertile and fascinating, and if I'm going to be turned out of my comfortable night's rest, it would at least be nice to remember the dreams. But lately, I've had little such luck.

I would also settle for a good, solid night's sleep that would leave me feeling rested and ready to take on the next day, instead of grumbling and groaning at having to crawl from beneath the covers when my alarm clock goes off.

But that, I think, is even less probable.

Good night and sweet dreams to all!


  1. i'm convinced that getting a good night's sleep ever night is keeping me young. rarely do i wake up in the middle of the night and if i do i always fall right back asleep, unless i'm convinced that those aliens are watching me again or those kittens are under the bed, i'm a list-y kinda gal and i find it interesting the songs that creep into my mornings, some from distant past, others from commercials, some i don't know at all and have to track down to figure out where they came from...hmmmm