Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monster Jam and Twitter

This morning I signed up for Twitter. This afternoon, I took the boys to Monster Jam. While on the surface these might seem as dissimilar as two very dissimilar things in a pod, they share a common trait: a swirling, cacophonous, disorienting overload of sensation.

With Twitter, you get your hand held through just enough of the process to lull you into a state of total unpreparedness so that you're completely aghast when they drop the step-by-step signup procedure and thrust you precipitously from the plank into the raging sea of tweets that is Twitter.

With Monster Jam, you find yourself buffeted by crowds, noise, and the physical vibrations of the roaring truck engines deep in your gut.

Both of these forums provide you the opportunity to see humanity in all of its most brazen, daring, exhibitionistic and voyeuristic glory/depravity/genius/insanity.

My Twitter handle is @HerbMallette. I don't have a Monster Jam handle yet -- I'll let you know if and when I acquire a competition-ready truck.

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