Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Minor Correction That Needs To Be Made To Our Holiday Calendar

It's very nice that Christmas and New Year's are spaced an easy week apart, creating a holiday season that extends for a good chunk of time. But I think that they're arranged in the wrong order.

Because Christmas comes first, and involves so much decoration, there's an inevitable need to clear out all the Christmas paraphernalia at the end of the holiday season. At our house, that's likely to be today or tomorrow.

But what kind of way is it to start off the new year by packing away all the tidings of joy and goodwill that we just finished celebrating?

Wouldn't it be better to toast the arrival of the new year one week, bask in its implications of change and futurity, and then follow that the next week with the holiday that's all about giving and forgiveness? Wouldn't it be better to pause at the very beginning of the new year in order to recognize the power of redemption and open-heartedness, rather than using the occasion to box up and store the trappings of our spiritual generosity?

Sure, we'd have to change the date of the second-most important holiday of one of our major religions, but it seems like a good idea to me. Maybe I should talk to the Pope.


  1. Well, Herb, if you are like me, you won't do things as they say it should be done! Take your Christmas decorations down when Chinese New Year comes along! Leave them up for the New Year, take them down just before Chinese New Year, and buy some Chinese lanterns for the Chinese New Year! This year's The Year Of The Dragon, so, dragon paraphernalia would make for a cheerful Chinese New Year! Keep that in mind, in case you want to follow my advice! ;D

  2. i agree w/c joybell c, i don't take xmas decs down until...well, now, i just put everything away last weekend, almost, i found a floor mat that i forgot to pack with the rest....grrr

  3. There's a house not far from us where the owners leave a yardful of Christmas stuff up year-round.