Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Far In 2012...

I've sold 2 copies of The Last Tragedy and 7 of The Sharp Edge of Memory. I'm crossing my fingers that this means that the 1,000 or so copies of The Last Tragedy that were downloaded in December are starting to be read, and that those readers are immediately seeking out the sequel!


  1. Wow. I congratulate you! And also on your reviews I read of below, I congratulate you! You must be very excited! I am excited for you, as well!

  2. Thanks! It is exciting to think of hundreds of copies of my book out there being read ... although I also keep reminding myself that most of those copies were downloaded for free during a small number of promotional days on Amazon. As a result, it's quite possible they'll never be read at all.

    But every copy is potential, and I'll take all the potential I can get.