Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've Started Another Blog!

But don't worry, I'm not giving up on this one.

My new endeavor is Page 82 Reviews, a wonderful site that I intend to use to become a prolific book reviewer, despite my complete lack of time to read lots of books.

My gimmick is that I'm only going to review page 82 out of any given book. I figure, if it's a really good book, then even a page chosen more or less at random ought to be worth reading. And conversely, if it's a terrible book, one page should tell me all I need to know.

Whatever's going on in a book, it ought to be in full swing by page 82, right?

Anyway, head on over to check out my review of page 82 of The Fellowship of the Rings. Then use the voting buttons to say whether you think it's a great page 82 or not.

What could be simpler?


  1. I applaud this idea! You are thinking out of the box!

    I am now going to look for page 82 in my books and read what's on them!

  2. Unfortunately, I only have the ebook of your novella, so I can't read your page 82, or I'd definitely post a review of it!

  3. i just read 2 books in the hallway and bookmarked them for future submission....yarp